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feel good meals

make life a little easier


Feel Good Meals is a meal delivery service for residents of Belmont, Gastonia, and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience in fine dining, Chef Ant Soriano brings his love of cooking for his family to yours.

Our weekly offerings provide fully-composed menus and a la carte items for individuals and families who desire delicious and nutritious meals, but don’t have the energy to cook after a long day’s work.

Starting around $12 a meal, the variety of weekly menus ensures everyone in your family will be satisfied with Feel Good Meals.


Nothing wrong with making life easier.

/  ant soriano, chef of 20 years, husband, father of two   /


This Week's Menu

Meet Chef Ant

Chef Ant Soriano found his love for the culinary arts in his mother’s kitchen growing up. Her Filipino influenced cuisine combined with North Carolina’s Southern ingredients and flavors planted the passion for cooking early in his life. He began nurturing his love for food working in restaurants in Tallahassee, Fl. as a student at Florida State University (FSU). 


After graduating from FSU with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and realizing that he was more interested in being in the kitchen rather than the lab, Ant enrolled at Johnson & Wales University (JWU) in Providence, RI. There he built the foundation for his career as a chef. He also discovered the love of his life, Liz. They married and have two beautiful boys, Ollie and Noah. 

After graduating from JWU, Ant continued honing his skills in Boston and Providence, finally arriving at the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort in Naples, FL. under the tutelage of CMC Chef Lawrence McFadden. There he worked in the Grill Room with Chef Michael Voltaggio and the Dining Room CMC Chef Arnaud Berthelier.  He moved to Sarasota, Fl. and became the Chef at Beach Bistro.

In 2005, He and Liz came to North Carolina, where he began his Charlotte career with the Harpers Group at Upstream Restaurant. Working with Chef Tom Condron, Ant was quickly promoted Chef de Cuisine at Arpa, Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Uptown.

He then moved on to the Executive Chef position at Nolen Kitchen and worked with the Stratos Restaurant Group to open the Big View Diner before becoming the Executive Chef at Ballantyne Country Club in 2009. In 2017, he left the country club to become the opening Executive Chef of Southpark Grill with restaurateur Greg McIntosh. Ant’s passion and experience can now be found in his own venture, Feel Good Meals by Ant’s Kitchen.

Feel Good Meals is based out of Ant’s Kitchen, a commissary kitchen in North Belmont that he established in 2019.


Feel Good Meals truly makes my family feel good. 

/  Clayton H  /

I have been doing Feel Good Meals on and off for about a month or so now. This service is the best local, healthy, and fresh option you will find. I absolutely love the Keto and Paleo options offered and the food is to die for. Always large portions and some ingredients are locally sourced which I love! Convenient option for busy moms such as myself. I love that it’s delivered right to my door! Go support this local business! You’ll be glad you did! 

/  Marge M  /

The Shrimp Jambalaya and the Flank Steak Satay were AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to try the rest of my meals. The food is so good! I just placed my second order. 

/  Barbara C  /

Have previously used four other meal prep services in the past, and all had their redeeming qualities but none of them can compare to the taste, and quality ingredients in feel good meals NC. Great selection, always look forward to next week meals. Nutrition is on point and it’s great to be able to pick portion size depending on who is eating it and individual goals.
The best of the best!!!

/  Frank P  /

Healthy, clean food that tastes AMAZING!!! 

/  Taylor J  /

I am a big fan of Feel Good Meals! It works well for our family of four, and our kids always find something they like. The food is always cooked perfectly, even after reheating, which must be some sort of witchcraft. My wife and I both work and have long commutes, so I can’t really overstate how great this has been for us from a quality of life perspective. It’s faster than fast food, and better than fast casual (and better than what I can make myself). From a cost perspective, we eliminated a big weekly trip to the Teeter, as well as a couple of nights of eating out, so the impact was minimal. 

/  Hans K  /

Delicious, easy and delivered to your door. Plus all local. 

/  Barbara C  /

Just got our first delivery and, couldn’t wait for dinner time! My husband and I work late and, this is perfect to come home to a healthy delicious dinner already cooked. I totally recommend! Salmon cakes were amazing! Also they delivered to my sister’s house in Belmont, as we live in Rock Hill. We will be regular customers. 

/  Jennifer W  /

“Mom, can I have more brussel sprouts?” —5 year old daughter

Juggling life with my crazy kiddos is really time consuming, so I started ordering weekly meals from #feelgoodmeals and we are enjoying delicious and healthy dinners every night of the week! Looking forward to digging into this week’s spread! 

/  Sara C /

I just had my first delivered meal from Chef Ant. I had braised brisket with toasted barley pilaf and roasted brussels sprouts. Everything was delicious! I highly recommend ordering from Feel Good Meals. Especially if you are short on time or hate cooking. 

/  David B  /

I've been using FGM for the last several weeks and we love it. It takes all the stress out of our weekly meal plans. Not to mention that the food is delicious. Give it a try! 

/  Kim S  /

I love these guys. The food is amazing!! I’ve been ordering every week for a few weeks now. It’s always so good! I spoke to Chef Ant about my fitness goals and he was on board with making sure my food fueled my training AND recovery!!! Thanks guys!!! 

/  Jonathan L  /

I cannot express enough how awesome the food is! I’ve used meal prep before, but they were nothing like these. Best chimichurri I’ve ever had. I’ll be a regular orderer for a while! 

/  Ruben L  /

Had my first delivery today! Loved the Keto chicken enchilada bowl. Can’t wait to try my next meal! Thank you #feelgoodmealsnc 

/  Cheryl W  /

I ordered my first four meals and they were great! I appreciated being able to meet the person making my food as he was the one who delivered them. Everything was cooked perfectly and made of quality ingredients. I will definitely order again. Ant, thanks for the great service you're providing and keep up the good work. 

/  Jon P  /