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Who are We?

We are a meal delivery service of the very best kind! Choose meals created by Chef Ant weekly. With 20+ years experience, Feel Good Meals skillfully produces clean, wholesome dishes without using processed foods or harmful “edible” additives. Learn more.

Where are We?

We are located at 1420 Perfection Ave, Belmont, North Carolina. We are more than happy to deliver your meals to you if you are located in Belmont, Gastonia, or surrounding areas.


When you Order?

A new menu is posted every Tuesday morning at 9 am. After it is posted you have until Friday at 10 am to get your orders in.

When do we Deliver?

We deliver every Monday between 11 am and 6pm. Pickup options are also available on Mondays from 6 pm to 8 pm or Tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm.

Why Feel Good Meals?

Feel Good Meals is heart healthy, filling, time saving, and so much more! Not to mention, we’ll take 20% off your first order!